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Our timber ERP solution is used across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Our customers take advantage of all the features available across the harvesting, trading and sawmill systems.

We’ve partnered with European ERP suppliers to provide a tailored solution for regional variations.

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Customer Testimonial – ECC Timber Products

ECC has been supplying quality construction, fencing & pallet timber products to the Irish and UK markets since 1992. Founded by PJ Fahy the company has grown to become a major force in the Irish and UK timber industry and has become Coillte’s largest customer and Ireland’s largest exporter of sawn and planed timber products.

Typical Daily Pain Point

“We wanted to move on with technology and move to a paperless system. We were doing a huge amount of manual work outside of our old system and were wasting a lot of man-hours on this.”

The Business Impact

“The amount of time lost due to manual work outside of the old system was a huge issue for us. This also included the possibility of human error as we were making manual calculations and entering them back into the old system.”

Liam Kearns, ICT Manager, ECC Timber Products

Selecting the Right ERP System

“We went looking for an ERP solution to give us a system that could handle all of our needs- reduce human error, increase productivity and make our daily tasks much easier. After much research and recommendations, we decided to go with Turnkey’s solution.”

“Turnkey worked with us to tailor the system to exactly what ECC needed. Furthermore, the ability to integrate and work with Coillte systems was also a deciding factor for us.”

Liam Kearns, ICT Manager, ECC Timber Products

The team at ECC knew the outdated system they were using was causing them issues on a daily basis and in turn decreasing their productivity and increasing the risk of human error in their daily work. It was important that the new ERP system would not only be future proof – but grow with them too.

It was important to reduce or remove manual tasks from the daily processes. Furthermore, with all Weighbridge Transactions being automatically pulled from the Coillte weighbridge, it has completely automated that work for the ECC team.

“The Financial Benefits we have seen with the installation of Microsoft Dynamics can be measured in the work hours saved due to the system. This has allowed our employees the freedom to do other tasks. Also by removing manual calculations outside of the system, we now spend very little time correcting any mistakes.”

Liam Kearns, ICT Manager, ECC Timber Products

Built by Turnkey, Powered by Microsoft

ECC have locations across the UK and Ireland. Set in the scenic hills of County Galway, the weighbridge system (pictured) integrated directly with the Coillte’s system.

Built by Turnkey Business Software and powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – our timber software encompasses the specific requirements of Timber Harvesters, Sawmills and Timber Trading Merchants alongside key financial and business processing functionality.

Add-ins for Business Central bring deeper automation to processes such as document scanning, workflow automation, and much more!

ECC weighbridge

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