Timber Trading Software

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Do you sell co-products from the timber industry? Our timber trading system supports the often complex sales and purchasing processes required when trading in biomass, finished timber, and timber frames.

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All-in-one ERP Solution

Manage your timber trade operations related to suppliers or customers, invoice management, and stock control, PLUS your complete accounting system

Sales and Purchasing

Manage incoming, outgoing, and third-party deliveries. Record quantities, and payment quantities, across all customer and supplier sites via multiple hauliers


Base Timber Platform

Once your core Business Central is set up we can then add specific timber extensions or modules as and when required

Problems we solve

Turnkey Timber encompasses the specific requirements of the timber industry alongside key financial and business processing functionality.

Our timber trading system supports the timber industry’s sales process. Whether that be direct sales from a sawmill to supplying residues that can have a value as biomass fuel.

Timber trading can include finished treated wood through to timber frames for the buidling trade.

Electronic data interchange (EDI)

Replace paper-based documents such as sales & purchase orders, invoices or despatch data with an electronic format

FC XML interfaces (EDI)

Share information with the Forestry Commission through the Electronic Forestry Industry Data Standard (eFids) schema.

Reduce admin time

Use automation and electronic data transfer to reduce time spent on repetitive administrative tasks

Microsoft ecosystem

Turnkey Timber integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft Apps. From Outlook to Teams to 365 for Sales

Time-consuming manual tasks

Automate manual tasks to improve efficiency such as lead time planning, pricing changes, stock checks, and more

Connected systems

Eliminate manual errors with a direct interface to the top weighbridge manufacturers across the UK & Ireland

Supporting complex pricing models

Manage every sale within the supply chain, from forest co-product pricing to costings per unit to different customers

Keeping costs down

Introduce operational efficiencies to your business, helping reduce paperwork and manual input of such (WB tickets)


Turnkey Timber has been developed by industry experts to provide you with a timber solution designed to scale with new innovative technology just when you need it. Whether you need a harvesting, sawmill, or timber trading system our software can be adapted to suit any timber business.


ERP Functionality

Includes sales, warehouse, purchasing, production, work orders, delivery, and more

All-in-one Solution

Manage multiple harvesters and contractors, their associated payments, and additional costs

Custom Settings

Run alternative costing models to arrive at optimum market outcome

Customisable Payments

Easily pay mulitple hauliers, ferry usage, dock storage charges and more


Complex Pricing Models

Manage costings for every unit of measure from feet to cubic meters to gigajoules


Advanced Account Management

Manage units of measure and unique pricing for different customers and suppliers

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Want to know more?

Turnkey Timber Software has been created specifically for the Timber industry and built around Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Functionality has been developed through years of experience delivering solutions to clients across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Request our brochure below to discover the full capabilities for your timber business.


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